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Relocation is rarely welcomed with open arms, but when it’s the result of your organization’s growth, it’s a high-class problem to have. Moreover, relocation is a great opportunity for improvements of many kinds. It’s a chance to take a step back and gain perspective on your progress, and look forward toward future growth and how your new space can support it. Australian design consultancy Aspect lists five benefits of relocation that apply to almost any business organization.

  1. Improved Productivity – Overcrowding cuts into productivity. Your new location gives you a chance to design your workspace and storage for efficient space usage so no one is crowded.
  2. Added Flexibility – “Agile” teams are built around the principle of self-determination, requiring a flexible, collaborative management style. Flexible workstations underscore the agile philosophy, and a relocation is the perfect time to add flexibility to your office environment.
  3. Lower Costs – If you’re in a buyer’s market, relocation can allow you to negotiate a favorable rental rate or purchase price. If you wisely chose modular casework for your current offices, you can take the cabinetry with you to your new space and save some build-out costs.
  4. Room to Grow – Even if you’re not relocating to a much larger space, you can still add room for new staff by condensing your storage footprint with a mobile high density storage system.
  5. Enhanced Brand Image – As your organization grows, your brand image becomes more focused and better refined. A relocation is a perfect time to design a workspace that reflects your brand’s values; for example, if sustainability is a primary brand value, invest in workstations and furnishings manufactured to meet green standards.

A new workspace is a blank slate, ready for you to write the future for your business. It’s an exciting time, filled with possibilities for what’s next. Focus on the positive opportunities, talk to a design and storage consultant, and enjoy the benefits of a successful relocation.


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