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Storage Turns To Rotary Files NOS Inc

Many businesses are required to maintain paper documents in secure storage. One multi-national company turned to rotating file storage as a way to condense their storage.

Swiftspace Innovates for Healthcare NOS Inc

Innovative healthcare delivery calls for innovative workspaces. One major healthcare company chose Swiftspace’s mobile workspaces to deliver a higher level of healthcare right in their hospitals’ waiting rooms.

Modular Millwork, Maximum Adaptibility NOS Inc

Colleges and universities are constantly repurposing their buildings, and replacing built-in cabinetry can get very costly. Modular cabinets gave this institution’s classrooms complete adaptability along with cost savings.

High Density Storage Success – NOS Inc

Libraries are often the repositories of large quantities of archival documents that take up a vast amount of shelf space. Here’s how one such facility increased their storage capacity without expanding their building’s footprint.

Multilevel Industrial Shelving Maximizes Space

Valuable historical artifacts are routinely donated to museums, but the volume of artifacts can overwhelm a museum’s storage capacity. This museum addressed its storage problem with an ingenious industrial solution…

Swiftspace Transforms for Multipurpose Spaces

Flexible space utilization is the new normal. Here’s how one college applied Swiftspace’s adaptable mobile workstations to add flexibility to the use of their common areas.