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It doesn’t take a management consultant to tell you that engaged employees are productive employees. You already know the benefits of employee engagement:

  1. Higher retention and lower recruitment costs
  2. Reduced loss of organizational knowledge
  3. Better customer service
  4. Enhanced innovation
  5. Greater profitability, resulting from improved productivity and customer satisfaction

Employee engagement grows from an emotional attachment to the company and a commitment to the company’s goals. One of the ways to establish and reinforce engagement is with recognition. A public “attaboy” for a job well done will always bolster those positive feelings towards teammates and management.

Recognition practices offer a highly visible demonstration of your organization’s DEI policy. A recent workplace study found a strong correlation between DEI, recognition, and engagement.

  • When recognition programs incorporate diversity and inclusion, 55% of employees are highly engaged, compared to only 17% in companies where there is no effort to integrate the two programs.
  • In businesses where recognition programs incorporate diversity and inclusion, 66% of employees feel a sense of inclusion, vs. just 10% in companies with no linkage between DEI and recognition programs.

The same study showed that companies which embedded diversity and inclusion into recognition programs also outperformed industry peers over the past three years.

This is not to say that “everyone gets a trophy!” But when corporate culture supports a diversity and inclusion mindset, AND brings that mindset to its recognition program, the results are powerfully positive.

It’s especially important to have DEI programs and recognition programs work hand-in-hand when your organization has moved to a hybrid workplace model. When face-to-face interactions are limited, employees can feel left out, even invisible. Conscious DEI and recognition efforts help remote employees feel that they are part of the team, reinforcing a positive emotional connection.

Engaged employees are loyal, productive, team-oriented, and emotionally invested in their organization’s success. As noted above, you already know the benefits of employee engagement, and how significant those benefits are. Bring DEI and recognition together, and up-level your employees’ engagement.

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