In need of a fast and flexible workspace solution for both office and production facilities? Swiftspace workstations may be what you are looking for. All of the interior components you’ll need can be found in this unique patented folding workstation.

It is lightweight but has a strong frame that is mounted to swivel casters.

Fast Set-up – No Costs Involved! Easy to Manage Flexible Design
  • Set-up or tear down does not require installers

  • Goes from closed to open in under 60 seconds

  • Tools are not required

  • Lightweight
  • Swivel casters allow mobility from one location to the next
  • No pre-planning or installers required
  • Control and convert your workspace as needed
  • Order with one part number
  • No individual parts to go missing
  • No external packaging—ships on reusable pallets
  • Minimal storage space needed when not in use
  • Available in standard 68” & 48” lengths with varying wall heights
  • Custom lengths available
  • Variety of styles provide flexible office space solutions

Swiftspace also offers benching option – Foresight

Successful companies are always looking for new ways to improve their products, therefore identifying trends and potential advancements can impact a company’s bottom line tremendously. Having products that can change with the times are important. An adaptable benching system that can quickly and cost effectively adapt as well as reconfigure and reinvent itself over time just makes sense.

Not all benching systems are created equal. ForeSight offers the SwfitSpace advantage:

  • Engineered to be set up and taken down hundreds of times by anyone
  • One part number to specify, No loose parts: everything you need is permanently attached
  • Designed to fold up and be stored at 15% of its size when assembled
  • Can be quickly moved from one work area to another by one person
  • Cost effective: ForeSight is competitively priced, but you’ll save on installation, storage and labor

[image] - 4-person-hotelling-or-study-carrel-folded-and-installed-swift-space[image] - 120-degree-stations-folded-and-installed-swift-space[image] - foresight-benching-swift-space-folded-and-installed[image] - private-manager-stations-folded-and-installed-swiftspace[image] - reception-station-folded-and-installed-swift-space

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